BMW E46 318 (1.9) 2001 - Eibach Lowering Sport Springs

What do you get for RM650.00?
Eibach Federn Lowering Sport Spring for your BMW E46

The item is still in fantastic condition (as seen on the image)

What would you get out of it?
1. Lowering your BMW e46
2. Better traction while cornering
3. A sportier appearance

The Experience
The lowering springs are hard, you will be able to experience a better driving grip, confidence in maneuvering cornering during high speeds.

- This lowering springs is taken of from a BMW E46 318 (1.9) 2001 (four door)
- Fitted on the original BOGE shock absorbers

- Depending on your absorber mounting, if it is old your front should drop like the image above.
- If your absorber mountings are new, it will be balanced.

Fit it with a new 18" M6 Rims and it still look fantastic!

If you are interested please drop me an email at
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