Pot Luck Preperation

10:09:00 PM
Pick Sherleen and Veronica up and went straight to the nearby Giant.

Imported them over to my place to do what is necessary.. hee hee!

We were there to watch and to make sure everything was in order... 'we' mean me and mo! Ha ha!

I was taking this shot and suddenly :-

Sherleen : Veron u sure u can ah? The way you hold the knife like dangerous only..
Veron : can lah! simple only
Me & Mo : Slide 3-5 steps behind..

Cooking the spaghetti! So professional ha ha!

The ingredients used to stimulate the end product

It was taking a bit longer than we thought, hence the look on our faces.. Ha ha!

This view isn't half bad eh? Imagine if you would have had two wives, that's probably how its gonna look like.. Hahahah Joking joking!

All done, let's party!
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