BKT, Opposite Giant USJ

10:30:00 PM
When you do it too often, you'll have a short term name for it! BKT!
** Warning : Pictures contain BABI **

So all we need is some garlic, lots of chilly and lots of soya sauce thick and thin!
Then Yau Char Kuey is definitely a must, if don't have - don't eat!
Then we also need vegetable to ease down the digestion, after all its all meat from here onwards! Seriously it is all meattttt meatttt meattttt meatttttt and meaaaattttt!!!!!!
Here comes the pork legs! Uhhhh!
I totally missed out the dry bak kut teh, too hungry cannot tahan! ha ha!
And there we go, yummilicious! ERmmmmmmMMM! Mmmmmmm!
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