Gadgets in one day

"Christmas comes early" is a happy phrase, but everything at the same day is judged as a "MIRACLE"!

Let's not do stunts with my blackberry no more, go wireless with a bluetooth headset Clip II Mini

Love the blinking blink light in the center, makes you feel like Ironman when you clip it to your chest.. ha ha! RM 159.00

Wah then my flash diffuser I ordered from Shashinki came as well. Take nice nice picture already now.. RM38.00 (Inclusive of shipment)

OMG e46 trunk lip is damn damn damn damn damn damn nice! Ordered this from eBay and the color matched perfectly! damn DAmn damn damn awesomeness! RM 148.93 (incl. shipping and paint job) damn damn damn damn damn cheap as well!
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