Fish n Co , One Utama

9:44:00 PM
Its time to eat!

One bite 'n' i'm hooked! Ha ha... didn't really work wor..

Me posing posing, nice wo!

I thought it was an effect, but this is one angel that is shining! Seriously... tak tipu wan.. shimmering shimmering, glowing glowing!

How can one eat fish n co without tar tar sauce? yumms!

OMG! This calamari damn sedap! The first bite reminds me of my buddy Hazri who opened a small stall by the road side selling fried mushrooms last time. He did it for fun, he is a civil engineer ok!

I had the teriyaki salmon, not bad quite sedaps! slurps!

ERmm this one not so nice wo, the sauce very yucky yucky after u ate like 3/4 out of the whole piece.

Ok la, dinner time i also hungry dy!
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