Medan - Lake Toba & Jungle Trekking

10:03:00 PM
Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world

A great experience to observe the great view of Lake Toba.

For a moment there i thought it was the sea. OMG!

Then we went trekking, being the last guy on the line feels spooky. The guide who was suppose to be right behind of me left because he slipped an fell, so he malu dy...

Our champion who hold the rock so we can cross over

after a 45 mins walk up the hill, we finally reached the waterfall.

Then we took a 5 hours bus ride to the place where we gonna crash for a night, Niagara Resort Perapat

We got a room with fantastic view!

But apparently the 4 star room isn't that 4 star after all. The toilet is.. EwWww geli, no hair dryer, the floor also like eeeeww geli and worst of all a pathetic 14" boxy TV

Food was just so so because I had enough of the same kind of Indonesian malay food for the past 3 days..

After dinner, we went out for a short drink of Bintang Beer

Riding on Lake Toba tomorrow..
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