Transformers 2 & Steamboat

11:24:00 PM
Before I continue with my never ending college stories, I watched Transformers 2 this afternoon with baby, steven & weiwei, edmund and shannon at Tropicana City Mall and the movie was faaaaaaannnntasstic! The build up of the story was action-packed all the way!

150 animators, with more than 10,000 parts (some 70,000) parts to animate.. you guys are insane!

Comparing with the first episode, it has its own ups and down and a built up of the storyline, but for this one... it is all the way up up up until the very end... (ending drops to zero )

At the very beginning of the movie when it was showing China, look at the left and you'll notice a "Malaysian Airline Logo" on the bottom left (mirror reflect, meaning viewing from the back) .. that was soOoo so cooool!

A long long time ago, Grace invited the group over to her place for steamboat. Aihhhh.. i think it was damn nice... ehhehe i think..

At that time it was more like fun as we could re-group and talk the whole night. I am never a steamboat fan.. no idea why.. but Luk luk ok Its a must right after alcohol haa ha.

That's most of us in the set except dewi who requires posing..

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