Shopping results...

2:15:00 PM
At RM23.00 i thought it was cheap comparing to RM35 at mid valley but BUY 1 FREE 1? I couldn't bother thinking further

The reason i like this specific model is because of the quality and functionality. It turns all way round in anyway you like it to be Oh and the thickness of the neck is just tough! Thumbs up from me

Now probably i gotta consider getting a car that drives itself.. teeee heee

Ok that's about the phone holder i got from Sunway Pyramid (Golla near ice skating ring)
Then we went down to PetsWonderland and got the always naked Mo! a pair of baju

We saw one with a hoody snow cap but too bad it couldn't fit him. Mo!'s mid-section is getting a little too exaggerating

Wanna see how he looks like? Tomorrow lah..
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