MO turns 6 months old

10:07:00 PM
The little mo!nster is loving his very own habit.. sleeping upside down..

the pillow is needed for censored purposes, tee hee

When he wakes up, he starts chewing on his 10ringgit Ikea pillow.. (psst! the news paper is for mo! mo! to pee pee..) mind the hairstyle, he just got up..

and when he is almost done with his little pillow, he starts to stare at my Nikon bag...

Looks like mo! mo! is done with his terrorising, then he goes upside down again..

Oh WaiT! mo! mo! got new friend from China! teee heeee!

looks like mo! mo! is gonna occupy my laptop, aih long distance friendship is really troublesome.
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