The big day!

6:16:00 PM
On 18th April 2009, a schoolmate, a friend, a buddy, and most of all a brother who marked a date on my calendar where we shall never forget. That's our Hazri who got married on a bright, sunny and lovely day.

He was glowing on that day, seriously

Aerrrmmm, he's hungry la.. makan dulu only we bergerak ok?

The waiting room, at this very moment it gets a little tense... and that's how we comfort him... heeeee heeee


Every religion has their own way of practicing it, our country is beautiful because of this. No matter what ethnic group we come from, there's always bright and beautiful colors.

This i shall never forget. Hazri quoted "You guys will only see my wife when i get married", Boy i never knew he was serious! Its my first time meeting his wife, so for those who have not seen her yet, shes gonna be here for quite some time.. hee hee

Ahh, another good day to cherish and remember

Note : Please don't ask when is my turn or anything like that. Thank you
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