Dine in with Ms. Jamie Liew

12:32:00 PM
Jamie was in town and she buzz-ed me out for dinner!
"Jamie : I had to come to sunway or else you'll never come out"
"simonso : pfft! you live in the jungle"

Initially dinner was at 8pm, sounds just about right. >> then she called again, "dinner @ 6pm" WTH? Ok nvm i'll have bread for lunch instead

not to mention we walked around pyramid a few rounds, boy my legs aren't working that well anymore.. but then again found a few stuff i can get for my dad.

finally dinner came, or else i'll be puzzled with her cam-ho'ring activity

thank god nobody was looking, pheww!

a little shock but thank god it wasn't karena, she has a crazier cam-ho'ring skills...

Jamie : Take picture, i don't care
Me :

Anyway thanks for inviting me out for dinner, it was fun! Let's do this again ..

Pictures are courtesy of jamieliew's.
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