Welcome to Thailand!

The journey started after work on a Friday where we nintendo Wii'ed in the office to kill time and left at 12AM

Arrived at the border approximately 7Am. One thing i love about Thailand is, its one hour back!
so its 6am! WooHoo!


We stayed at Sing Golden Place Hotel and believe me, its satisfying! I love brand new hotels! They are cheap and super clean!


After refreshing ourselves, we went out to look for food!


Woot! Toot tooott!!


It took like about 5mins to get to our destination, he swirls to the right and left tossing us around then only we realize the coffee shop was just around the hotel *sweat*


Hat Yai is really build for Malaysian's lor... no fun leh!


Anyway the food is different so that still counts for something

So what we did right after breakfast?
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