Birthday at Sunshine, Heritage KL

2:11:00 AM
like how we from the company like to shout after working hours.. "SuNNnnShiiNNNeee"

may i present to you my birthday..

i would presonally like to thank edmund, ah tat, ah yew for buying me god knows how many bottles of henessy. i owe you guys!

then not to mention the lovely cupcakes angie got me, thank you!

and of course a big thank you to bryan, vian lee, waiseng, joshua, kelly, karena and nigel for dropping by,

great partying with you girl!

and if it wasn't for nigel, we would not have gotten these images. I big fat clap for the man himself!

let's see what i've got for my birthday this year... more thank you's coming up tomorrow!
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