Zohan Screen + Advertlets

4:58:00 PM
Was rather sick due to the sudden change of climate in Johor but nothing could have stopped me from going to the movie screen by Advertlets, Zohan!


the founder and owner of adverlets, Mr. Josh Lim.. and extras talent at the back uncle josh and peimun.. ha ha


these are the great buddies of mine since primary, great to be hanging out with you guys still... owh that's elsa and apparently shes in love with Jon and i think somethings fishy is going on.. tee heee


and the ever famous karena, no introduction needed i suppose


and them them too! good to see you guys once more!


the turnout was alright, but most importantly i gotta thank you guys for cheering and supporting and not to mention to whom that even made a slightest sound that got me a...


A set of hairdryer and god knows what else is there, an Extra Large Tee, owh and a RM150.00 voucher for a make over..

so what should i do with the vouucher.. (for the people that already know.. SHSSSSSS!)
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