Santa on a Hammock at Sai Kung!

7:24:00 PM
Time we take it to the streets of Sai Kung. 

After doing our pasar malam stuff we thought of having a cup of hot drink on a chilly weather before we head out for hotpot. Oh by the way, hot pot is a must in Hong Kong. If you watch TVB drama's you'll know that I mean.

 The girls posing posing before we head to C.C, Cafe just around the corner.
 While Agnes and Gloria went to hunt for Boluo Pao we got our chairs warmed up. Or another words we were just lazy haha. Anyway the shop that used to sell those pineapple bun is no longer open so they bought something else instead.

Now that's a sight I've never seen in my entire life. Christmas was over so we all know Santa needs a rest. Haha.

Next hotpot coming up!
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