Hotpot Hong Kong Style

11:39:00 PM
Agnes our friendliest local friend who only brings us to great places with great food! Frankly I don't remember the name of this shop but it's around Wang On Road, Fortress Hill (thanks to google street view I can roughly trace back where we walked however the image is not updated )

The way of eating hotpot here is interesting. First we ordered the spicy and none spicy version. Helen can't take spicy wor.

So what's happening is the lady mix up the chicken and started cooking in front of us, that face. Lol.

So when that's done, we just eat the chicken bits until we are satisfied. Oh by the way its a buffet so eat all you want!!!

Here comes the interesting part, when you are done with the chicken they pour in the soup. Everything onwards become really newly to me.

So our hotpot begins. We start throwing in meatballs, mushroom, vege, etc etc in it and eat as how we do.

I find it quite interesting and would probably go there again for another round next time.

Its time to eat eat eat and I kept my camera right after taking this big head.

LKF nexttt!
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