8:13:00 PM

Robynn Yip

I really admire raw footages like this. It make you feel like you are special in your own way. As long as you are human, you can do it too! ...
1:06:00 AM

Sunday Post - Fun cooling day

My weekend was awesome! Tired but it is definitely worth it. Met a few great people and a few pretty looking people as well. I like! Joa...
11:27:00 PM

Project Mo

Mo is usually extremely happy over the weekends. He knows that we don't have to work and we can spend time with him. Yup he is right, ti...
10:40:00 PM

Mo and I

Mo is gonna show you his best of behavior tomorrow. We shall be back!
9:04:00 PM

Sunday Post - CK one

Had some time to myself over the weekend. Wanted to spoil myself with a relaxing massage but unfortunately I couldn't find the place rec...
10:22:00 PM

New Media Project

Something interesting I am willing to share during my college days at The One Academy. It was one of our final major project which involve c...
10:59:00 PM

The Package

Click click here, click click there and "WahLAaa" the package arrives within a day. Shoooooo Fast! Phottix BP-D60 Multi-Power B...
9:29:00 PM

California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC

On of the lovely Sunday, we had dinner at KLCC which was our very first time eating there together. Minus the sitting at the fountain, or ro...
12:04:00 AM

Sunday Post - Meet Liselle

Meet Liselle a talented designer whom I knew a long long time ago even way before college. I was young and I clearly remember seeing her a...
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