11:23:00 PM

Hennessy Artistry 2011

The finale of all Hennessy event ended once again at Mines, MIECC. Too bad my media passes was some how "released" and of course...
11:03:00 PM

We came here

A saturday and sunday post, we came here. Bye! More... next week. Meanwhile check what's better than linkin park or adele herself
11:51:00 PM

Panasonic True Beauty for Everyone

Do you know that you can achieve slimmer face and firmer skin in just 3 minutes a day? With a cordless and waterproof handheld Facial Static...
10:22:00 PM

Wild Wild West

"The day is getting hotter", so the princess starts rambling. My mission is to find some shade or preferably an air conditioned ...
11:19:00 PM

Sunday Post : The continuation

There was a time i was writing about sunway lagoon until some of the pictures were corrupted. I finally got them right this time.. It...
11:28:00 PM

Sexay is her name!

Last month.. wait.. last 2 month when the sexy asian girl celebrated her birthday with a group of friends in Genting... I decided to be a li...
10:57:00 PM

Who is steaming at SteamRoom?

Steamingly hawt.. yup thats my model of the day. She had to go for a shoot and I thought it would be nice to pick her up despite the crazy...
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