Go Sai Kung do what?

1:47:00 AM
After our little walk around and self exploration adventure we finally met up with Agnes in front of H&M Langham Place. The gf decided to buy a new jacket, wooot! Time was 3pm and Emil was already waiting for us at Sai Kung. Ohh no! We quickly head to the little bus (Siew Ba) that takes us to Sai Kung.

When we got off, Emil was there at the bus stop waiting. Haha... oh well we are tourist so it's alright to be late haha.

So people come to Sai Kung to get fresh seafood and what amazes me is you buy it from the boats off the jetty. Well too bad we can't get any as they would be dead by the time we bring it back. We bought those dry shrimps and it was really good and super cheap. HKD20 for 3 packs.

People usually come here for seafood but we decided to just come here and look see look see and also hunt for "Boluo Pao" unfortunately the shop is longer there.

Take picture and then coffeeeeeee time!
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