Monday, July 21, 2014

Universal Studios Part 2

It wasn't very big but hey we were exhausted to the very end.

And because we made it that far, the gf deserves a trophy.

We end our trip with a whole lot of potatoes :D Winnie joined us for dinner and we had a little bit of desserts that night too. The next day we went for a quick dim sum, simple shopping and back to Malaysiaaaa!

Guess who has a trophy toooo? Haha.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore

Whoaaaaa super abandoned blog posting here. Nevertheless this event took place between 9 May 2014 - 12 May 2014. Our very first time into Universal Studios which we were always comparing it with our Legoland that I don't think we will ever go haaaaha.

The first impression is the most important and yeah it kinda has that out of the Malaysia / Singapore look and feel. Pretty much like Disney HK which is of course way better experience. Why? It was 18 degrees come on :D

That's us taking all sorts of photo together. Minionsssss... lol look at the minions by the window.

The best ride of the day, Transformers! It was awesome, awesome, awesome and awesome! The queue was about 30mins which is quite bearable. I'm sure you hear from everyone that Transformers was the best during their Universal Studio experience, yeah they are right!

Then the whole Jurassic Park moment was pretty epic too. The entrance tells it all! Only thing missing was the jeep. If only they have those driving us around haaa! *Lol to that dude behind looks like he's gonna get eaten by a T-Rex.

We were just in time for the parade and was at the right spot. At the very front of the entrance where the parade starts. I suggest you to stand there too because every one of those cartoon characters will smile with you when you do a selfie.. except for the T-rex tho.. mmmm..