Saturday, February 11, 2017

The flower who bloomed everyday filled with colors and love

It's been 5 months since the little one came to this world that made us miss her every single moment when she's not with us.

The moment she was born and me being there to cheer for my wife making sure she didn't give up,  was a breath taking moment.  A day that I'll cherish and respect all women for going through this day.

Little J has prolong jaundice which took her 2 months to get rid of.   She even had to stay over for phototherapy at the hospital where both of us couldn't be with her.  That night felt like the loneliest time of our lives. We shed tears together missing the little one as she was only a couple of days old.

She grew stronger day by day and got out of jaundice after a long 2 months. We were so engrossed with her health we never knew the hair was the spotlight of the little one.

It kept growing and as Chinese believes that we should shave the baby's first born hair but then again she had hair so we decided to trim a little instead.

I couldn't imagine if we shaved her hair how would she look like now but we are glad that we didn't .  A little after a month or two we introduced the little one to the world.

Not the whole world but Sunway Pyramid rather.  Her first ever mall to visit. Then again she was probably sleeping most of the time in her cozy carrier.

At 2.5 months she had a full grown hair and she starts to become the spotlight of every where we go. 

And at 3 months she became a superstar.  To a point whenever we pushed her on her little stroller everyone starts to stare at her and then back at us.  Somehow she attracts middle eastern folks as most of them loves taking pictures of her. Some even asked if they could carry her..  It's big no no of course. 

Most would shout about the hair and some would do a hand gesture of how her hair poofed. 

Sometimes the attention is so overwhelming,  we just couldn't help it and turned the stroller facing us,  and boy she didn't like it at all.  Cried all the way until we flipped her back. 

At 4 months she's  a veteran at shopping malls.  Not to mention us the parents who knows how important the  nursery room is and surprisingly most malls has clean and cozy facilities.  Gardens at mid Valley is one our favorites.

Her poofed hair as she turns 4 months on the dot.  She starts to explore her own fingers more now. 

Mummy and daughter looking good together and how nice for me to love these two babies 

A couple of days more before she turns 5 months.  The daddy and daughter Selfie day. 

And then she turns 5 months old today. Hairs still poofing, beginning to hold the baby bottle by herself and her neck muscle is almost 100% develop. 

16 Feb 2017
She learns how to roll over 

Happy growing up darling,  daddy and mommy loves you heaps. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

THE ARRIVAL of the little one

9 months has gone by so quickly.

Thank god we went through 9 months without any complications and that my wife did very well throughout the whole 9 months.

Our little one came to us during the wee hours in the morning which I think its good. No traffic, no queue, no need to panic, given the priority needed.

I went into the labour room and cheered together with the nurses in support to the mother who needed a great pat on the shoulder. From what i've seen, I learned to respect women even more and especially my wife who gave birth to our little one.

Just one day after my birthday you are the greatest present to me, welcome to the world Jesslyn.

We love you heaps.

Friday, June 17, 2016

貳拾陸巷│Somebody Cafe

Woke up to a beautiful day at Ximending and decided to walk around and hunt for breakfast. Weather was nice and chilly and it wasn't raining so it was a perfect day for a hot cup of coffee.

 We stumble upon this little cafe upstairs, cozy enough for the two of us and since it's somebody's cafe, why not. The ambiance was so good that our picture can portray the exact same feeling.

 Yup it felt like that.

As we chat away and waited for our breakfast while the cafe is occupied by us, a lovely group of young teenagers came and joined the serenity of this cafe. With a little of Hong Kong accent coming out from them, it reminded us a little bit about Hong Kong. Now I miss Hong Kong.

A sausage and some french toast for me.

And some waffle for the wife.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle, Fisherman's Wharf, Tamsui Old Street, KFC

The next day started with rain and actually it rained almost any other day. We brought the rain! Then again nothing can stop us from going out. With the cold and a hot cup of oyster noodle is just a perfect combi. 

We moved to Midtown Richardson which located just across the Ximending night market which tells me that everytime we go out and reach back, there is a night market to stop by. Gosh.

It was free and easy so we decided to take the train for that farthest we can and hitch a bus ride to the Fisherman's Wharf and to the Lovers Bridge.

It was so funny, the wind was so strong that our umbrella flipped. With the strong wind and cold, we had to use whatever we can to shelter ourselves and cross over that bloody bridge. Haa.

Stopped by their local mart and got ourselves hot taiwan sausage and sweet potatoe.

Tamsui station was the last stop where we took a bus ride, so once we head back to town we decided to explore around. Sadly because of the rain, many stalls were closed.

Met this aunty who was so friendly, I think shes the friendliest unfamiliar Taiwanese we ever known. Since the weather was so cold, she offered us so much of ginger tea with all sorts of flavour. It was so good we bought quite a few bags from this women.

She was so genuinely helpful, she even took our heavy shopping bags and kept inside her stall. She said you come back and take, now you have a cup of hot tea and go walk around.

She didn't look took fishy so we said Ok. When we came back, she quickly made a few more cup of hot tea as the weather was really cold.

Got back to Ximending and hey it's supper, let's try their KFC. Thought it would be great to have a familiar taste but hey their KFC tasted really flat. No spices nothing, and their ketchup is not as tasty as ours either.

But interesting to know that they have egg tart and load of fries that comes in their set.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 2 - W hotel

We had BBQ at Hutong at the heart of Taipei City. Was a great combination as it was raining and it was freezing cold. After crossing over from malls to malls, we finally get to warm ourselves.

After that? Crossing back malls to mall to W Hotel for drinks.