The Gynecologist's advice to Daddys

9:03:00 PM

Whenever your wife has to go for a check up, be there for her. Articles that I read suggest that we should be with our wife as much as possible during this 9 month.

Our gynea told us one very important factor in life when the little one comes to this world, that is to make sure you live the life that you use to. It doesn't mean that we should go out teh tarik'ing with our buds every night or going for happy hour like the baby thing didn't happen.

He meant for us to find time to do something we use to do before. So what I did?

Home entertainment yo! The only thing that gets us father excited is gadget! The JBL SB150 is pretty awesome enough. Not like I can get a canggih one and blast it right? Wife's gonna go "LOWER IT DOWN LA PLS".. Ya so let's save ourselves  and enjoy something good with quality yet subtle home entertainment.

Why I got this instead of other soundbar? Wireless Sub-woofer and it's cheaper than any other soundbar from Sony, Samsung, Philip, Panasonic, etc..

It's time to sit back and relax with some nice clean music or maybe some ABCs rhyme, hmm..
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