WeChat & Remedy Christmas & New Year Celebration

11:34:00 PM
As Christmas is just around the corner Remedy Plus is giving those who wants to celebrate Christmas & New Years Eve earlier with your friends, colleagues, love ones or whoever that wants to party. 

I came over and experienced it myself with a great bunch of friends and was greeted by many pretty big smiles.

Adele and Tziaa with our overdue "catching up" drinks. So since this is done, will there ever be a next one? Hahaha.

Christmas is all about warmth and happiness. Ryan, jackie, YeeIng, Samantha and Willee made this picture perfect.

And the ever famous Chanwon who dresses up joyfully for the party.

The pretty babes Julie, my darling Jessy and Samantha.

Me tucking quietly into the side, hehe.

It was a full house tonight with lots of food and beers to drink. Even though it was a short night but it was good enough to make me feel comfortable and feeling warm at Remedy Plus.

Come let's download WeChat if you haven't already and scan the barcode above to add "ID:TheRemedyKL" to get free drinks on their promotion! Once you have added them you will get a pop up message then just click to redeem.

Get your first Pint of Guiness or Kilkenny at RM18 and your 2nd pint free (from 18th Dec 2013 - 2 Jan 2014)

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