Hair Transplant in Malaysia

2:22:00 PM

The most commonly used chart for men is the one developed by Dr Hamilton and then later modified by Dr. O'Tar Norwood called the Norwood-Hamilton scale.

Male Pattern

This is the commonest form of alopecia seen & the commonest indicator for medical treatment with Propecia & hair transplant surgery. It follows the pattern seen below classified by O'Tar Norwood & known as Norwood Classification

Female Pattern

This too is the commonest form of hair loss seen in up to 50% of women by 60 years of age, the pattern of which has been classified by Hamilton.

But of course i'm am not losing hair at the moment but with prolong stress from the gf, I may have to visit Dr Ruban soon. Haaaaha.

Anyway here's my progress of laser resurfacing 

I'm pretty happy with the progress so far and may consider another round of laser, why? It's like tattoo, once you start you don't want to stop until it is perfect. Haha.

Dr Ruban i'm gonna bug you soon, wait for my online appointment enquiry!

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