Hong Kong here we come

8:07:00 PM
A vacation with my baby and a group of lovely people. We have waited six months for this trip and finally the day has come. I said to the gf, everything we do from here onwards it will be our first ;D

We rented a pretty cheap apartment at Agryle street and best thing about it is Langham Place is just across the road. So while we wait for our keys we took a few photos and smelled something funky.
SMELLY TOFUUUUUUUUUUUU! Seriously its smells like the drain and you can smell it miles away. Every corner of the street of Mongkok you find these.

Of course we gotta try some... pork bacon roll and curry fish ball. (Skipped the smelly tofu, I tried it before with my sister back in 2005. It tasted like tofu only smellier)

Well if you are looking for the stall, it's just right in front of Langham Place, H&M. (accross the road)

More of Hong Kong coming up.

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