Hennessy Night, Picturessssssssssss!

8:56:00 PM
Ok lah maybe the title is a bit deceiving as there are not as many pictures but of course you can find more here

Its been a while since I last had a smooth drink. Hennessy is mostly my only choice of drink whenever we head to clubs. Sadly it's getting a little pricier all the time but thanks to Manoah for the VIP invite I got to enjoy my drink without any complaints.

The conversation we had was hilarious. Better not share too much cause when you are under the influence of alcohol you'd probably have funny conversations :P

The pretty DJ Ellie all the way from Taiwan. Not only she's hot, she has sick beats as well. Coooooolio!

That's us and thanks again to Jaz and Manoah for the great first experience of Hennessy. Can't wait for more.

If you haven't already download the MY Hennessy App, check it out here
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