NEW GADGETS : HTC Butterfly S & Sony SmartWatch 2

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Some call me evil for changing sides and many gave warm greetings to a whole new world where you thought things seem impossible, possible.

My iPhone4 finally gave way after 3 years of using it. In fact it was a great tool until my itchy finger click on the Update iOS7 button. After that update, my phone was really slow, it took a while to load up my camera where sometimes I have to say "Wait ah, waitt for it, wait.. focusing hold on, smile a bit (but actually the camera is still loading)

My tech guru @ also the co-founder of together with Ben from FlyFM said (wow such a long intro);

Jason : 1st question, do you want to leave iOS
Simon : Yup let's try something new
Jason : Ok for you it is either S4 or HTC Butterfly S.

After some time of consideration (like 30mins), with the pros and cons given I went with the HTC. Why? Less plasticky and the whole world is not using it. Be different.

Want to know more about the specs, go
The feeling of getting a brand new phone was unexplainable. It's like you just bought a car. What hypes it even more was not telling the GF. Haaaaaa. All and all it is a brand new world with lots of customization. You can even keep changing the looks of your screen with 3rd party apps and it makes your phone brand new all over again. Best of all, its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

My first ever smart phone was a HTC too and that was 7 six years ago. Look the the size different gosh.
So what's next after a brand new phone? GADGETS!
After a very thorough conversation with the secret android chatroom we have, I've decided again to secretly get another gadget just yesterday where the gf DO NOT KNOW about. 

What did I get?
If you need more info :

The SONY SmartWatch 2 that nobody talks about. So i've been reading. Well you have one here talking about it now. It pairs up very well with any Android phones and compare to the Samsung Galaxy Watch that only connects to specific Samsung phone. By the way it's RM780 @ Sony Centre

Wears comfortably with its rubber strap which is also changeable to any other strap that you can find at any watch shop, Therefore I did not get the metal strap as I thought I would take that additional 70 ringgit and get something different.

Fyi : I didn't photoshop my hand ya. Smooooooth.

Overall i'm still getting use to the watch today as it vibrates and notifies me of anything that is happening to my phone (if you did turn on the notification). One thing I came across is, I can read snippets of my messages while I'm driving without getting caught by the cops. Haaaaaaha.

At the moment there is a lot of Apps for the SmartWatch 2 @ google PlayStore, so don't have to worry. What I like is that, you install any app on your phone and automatically the watch will grab it from there.

To pair it with our phone is even easier, with near field communications (NFC), the phone will lead you to playstore and download the Sony pairing app, after that just follow the instructions from the watch and presto magic!

So cooooooooooool.
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