Hennessy Artistry - The last party of 2010

12:02:00 AM
The party we all have been waiting for and it has finally come and go. There is no great party without great people around. From the great artists to great friends who partied hard alongside with you. I enjoyed every little moment there with you guys.

The man behind all the movie scene from India. Psst, he might just feature Hennessy Artistry on the December issue, so watch out for the magazine call Movieland :D

This is the new born star Ms. Cherli Chang. For all I know, shes everywhere in the blog-o-sphere.

The famous Leonard Chua and Jeremy. Feel so proud taking pictures with them.

Spotted these two. They are like stars of the superstars.

Ms. Lam who is always cute and adorable where ever she is. It is an honour having a great picture taken by your side *wink*

Gosh I feel like i'm hanging out in the wrong zone. All of the superstars are here. This is Daphne, no introduction needed. She's the queen of blogging :D

Finally the light goes off and the laser beam comes in.

Oh then before getting a little too tipsy i've decided to get Kulen to listen one last time how to mix a good Hennessy!

The grown up Jamie Liew. She certainly can shake the dance floor no doubt about that. Partying all night long this girl. Respect!

Here comes the male super stars smashp0p and the man behind advertlets Josh Lim. Great meeting you guys!

I've got gazillion photos and if i missed any of you, i apologize.

Can't wait for everything to start again in 2011. Thank you Hennessy Artistry for making this happen. Lets rock a bigger party next year.

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