Hennessy Artistry 2012 Pictureeeeesssss!

12:10:00 AM
Its the most exciting time of all the finale of all Hennessy Artistry event which ended at MINES. I have never missed a single HA @ Mines since the day it started and what fond memory I have about it is that I get to party with all the same 'o faces from day one.

Now that's why I can never forget HA, it brings everybody together.

Waited for the rest of the gang and then only we proceed to the O Zone. We all wanted to do the 360 degree thingy but the queue was just too long, so we decided to skip it. Hope we get to try it again next year.

The cute and adorable couple Ryan and Yee Ing with my silly baby squeezing in the center.

JiaYeen and the princess

PS: I love you baby :D

The handsome guys *ehem*

The pretty babes

More pretty babesss...

Last but not least the superstarssssss!

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