Full House, Jln Yap Kwan Seng

12:05:00 AM
The first week dinner with the cousins at Full House, Jln Yap Kwan Seng

The interior is pretty similar as the one in Ara Damansara, therefore no interior images needed.
View them here

I was early so I asked one of the waitress what's good to drink, she said try the lavender ice blended. It tasted like sucking the ambi pur perfume directly. I didn't like it but she said most of the people here orders that.

They were having some problems finding the place so I ordered myself a bowl of mushroom soup. It was tasty!

Then the lovely couple arrives, saorong and huijin

We ordered the wedges for appetizer, not too bad everybody loves potato!

Bee ordered this, forgot what it was called but its delicious!

Sam ordered the chicken chop, She said it was nice as well.

The menu seems a little small for a big restaurant, so nothing much to shout about.

Saorong had meggie mee, ha ha!

I tried some of the western delights from the ara damansara outlet and it wasn't that good. So i ordered a safe meal the nasi lemak. Bummer, it wasn't good at all.

Sherleen, Sam & Huijin

Saorong & Simonso.

As you pass menara public bank, drive all the way down almost to the end. Its on the left.
Then again there's nothing much to eat there though but the ambiance is fantastic.
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