Sunday Post - E46 Oil Level Sensor & Oil Filter

8:58:00 PM
The weekend is about car parts, everything is originally made and imported from Germany.

Bought these two parts from Bavarian Auto and apparently it is definitely cheaper then getting it from the workshop itself. (Bare in mind they order it from somewhere else)

These parts are for BMW E46

Before traveling back for CNY I better get these parts fixed for a smoother ride. I suggest you do the same.

That's the oil level sensor @ RM 230.00, mine kapoot month's ago but didn't get it fixed because it isn't that important unless you are the type of person who don't give jack shit about your car.

This is the oil filter @ RM 20.00, its even cheaper than the proton's lor!
That's all i need, shall do the next service sometime next week!
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