Pantai Seafood Village, Kayu Ara

10:08:00 PM
*This picture serves as a warning to those who have not ate and have a little craving for seafood.

Sherleen invited us for dinner at Pantai Seafood Village, Kayu Ara. It wasn't difficult to find as I already know where it is.

The early bird Steven and Jesly

This is where the food begins as Veron is already "forking"

This is the scotland clam, damn good! damn damn good! A must order!

We had fish!

We had la-la!

Prawns with salted egg yolk

That's the happy faces of Gin and Veron after eating everything up.

Sherleen & Simonso

Overall the food at Pantai Seafood Village is always good, if you wanna know where it is come from sprint highway and you shall find it. Or else google map it!

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Browse around the map, you should be able to find it :D
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