Sunday Post : BMW E46 Interior

1:31:00 AM
Installed new white LED lights under the dark area of every vehicle.

A women finds it really useful as they can check out their own shoes.

As for a men, It just look good!

Anyway i've encountered that BMW has an acceleration booster or throttle kickdown, how?
Throttle kickdown
Most automatic transmissions include some means of forcing a downshift into the lowest possible gear ratio if the throttle pedal is fully depressed. In many older designs, kickdown is accomplished by mechanically actuating a valve inside the transmission. Most modern designs use a solenoid-operated valve that is triggered by a switch on the throttle linkage or by the engine control unit (ECM) in response to an abrupt increase in engine power.

1. Floor the acceleration paddle
2. Add a little bit of pressure until you hear a click
3. RPM drops to red line extremely quick.

The power is awesome, do try it.
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