Florence's Wedding

10:08:00 PM
The women who always practices moral value in class with me through vulgar words, that's the Florence I know whom is getting married. Congratulation to you girl, as for the groom - best of luck! ha ha!

Jamieliew, Yeeling, Florence, May Sze, Simonso

Jamieliew, Simonso, Coolen, Betty

Went to the washroom and saw the bride and groom still greeting late comers...
florence : Where you going?
simonso : cannot tahan go out dabao food.
florence : that's great i'll save more without you eating my food.
simonso : Wth?

Coolen's experience while going to the washroom :-

florence : is betty your gf?
coolen : noh lah, my friend.

~ coming back from the washroom

coolen : pretending to hold betty's hands
florence : EH U TIPU ME!
coolen : where got? we waited too long for the food to be served until we became couples already.
florence : *sweat*

The florence we know will get the husband drunk and rapes him! Yup thats the florence we know, ha ha!

Anyway we introduced a new term to this ladies (except jamie), "CAMHO"

simonso : Everybody say CAMHO
everybody : uhhhhhhhhh!

Congratulations to you two lah, may you two love each other long time! Ha ha!
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