House of Buffet, HOB

12:02:00 PM
This outlet is no longer there : It has changed to Alive, KL.

Was invited by smashp0p for dinner and apparently it was a mysterious one. I thought it was 4 of us, definitely a big no no lor! There was like 20 of us!

We had our names tagged too! It was thoughtful of HOB to do that.

mynjayz, elaine, simonso

the ambiance of the restaurant is cozy and spacious.

there were all sort of varieties of food from local delights, japanese cuisine and western.

obviously this was my favorite food choice, tee hee!

dessert! the never ending desserts!

just for that day, the beers was on the house.

jeremy loaned his fish-eye lens momentarily and i've got a few interesting shots.

we've got lobsters too, omg!

my shot was interrupted by smashp0p and mynjayz

suetmei and angelkein

kim & elaine

jamieliew, kim, simonso

thank you smashp0p for inviting.

House of Buffet (HOB) is located right opposite of Federal Hotel (Back entrance).
The buffet is RM55 for lunch, RM65 for dinner and RM45 for hi-tea.

A group shot.
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