Road trip with #Chagang

9:34:00 PM
It was one of those unusual days where we decide to go on a trip and it actually happens. While cracking that crab shell up, we were hungry monsters chewing away that big chunk of crab meat at Crab Factory SS2, the girlfriend burp out and say let's go Penang and eat eat eat!

3 of us looked up with crab meat dangling while grasping really hard on that claw, and said YESSSSS!

Guess what? We did it! The sound of a rooster early in the wee morning with birds chirping away only to know it was the alarm that was waking us up. It was a phone call for these two sleepy heads as they got home pretty late last night.

Still drowning with alcohol, Xiang quickly jumped out of bed while me and the girlfriend spied on pop. *Clicks* his room light turns on. It was a sign of relief for the both of us, we sigh.

Slurping our hot cup of latte in a chilly China house is all we need. Sound of the door creepily opened and came in these two unfamiliar Penangites but friendly faces Earnest and Abbie.

Having the best moment of our lives under the tree of nature we decided to roam around the busy yet famous Armenian street. The world buzzing about the mural paintings as we gently sat behind the little children's bicycle while the shutter expert shoots away with confidence.

The uncle warming up his little shop just outside of Hock Ban Hin kopitiam where he serves delicious fried kuey teow. Exhaustion came by us quickly as the scorching sun burns through our flesh but couldn't stop this dear girl friend of mine looking joyful while mesmerizing the photos we took earlier.

As Xiang maneuver through our half cup of icy cold drink he quickly graps pop's camera, without hesitating a single second as Xiang pushes the On switch, we were already ready.
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