Finally a Man's Playground

4:53:00 PM
Ahh it's been a while since I've been to this space to share bits and pieces of my busy life.

It was one of those days where I had to hook myself online and started stumbling upon loads of stuff from automobile parts to shirts.

Shirts for men? A rather rare sentiments by all men to shop online. I know I can't buy anything online that is to put on. is where google lead me to. What's disappointing about the site is that it doesn't ship to Malaysia. It's only available in Singapore however I've got an address to drop this classy looking cloth to.

Took me awhile to get my hands of it as it has to be brought back to Malaysia, but hey good stuff have to wait they all said. I'm actually impressed with the whole experience. The magnetic lid opens up gently folding to the top as though I was unboxing a new macbook.

So today I got up excitedly while yawning and continued with my usual routine with the difference of having  a new piece of shirt. Fired up the baby and warmed it up for 2 minutes and head on to my first meeting.

The light fabric leaning towards my body gives a cool feeling as though it was chilly in this ever hot country.

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