Gardens by the bay, Singapore

8:25:00 PM
After the early start on a beautiful morning and superb breakfast with great people, we head off to Gardens by the Bay. Why? Not like we are very much into flowers and shit but since its like the talk of the town, we just had to.

We skipped the OCBC Skyway because it looks way too hot ahaha. Also the reason we quickly went into the Flower Dome was because it's chilly in there. Air-condddd let's moveeeee! I guess we make bad tourists as the hot weather just do not gel with us.

I've took loads of images of flowers and what not, don't think I want to put it up. It's just flowers you know.

Ahh this little waterfall is something I could brag about, There was this wedding couple from China I assume shoo-ing people who wanted this shot. They were on the far right so we didn't bother and took our own :D

What's next? Panjat up that waterfall lah. Ok we took a lift. It was quite high, the view was simply breath taking.

Doesn't seem so high from this picture but if you ever go up there, you'll know what i'm talking about.

Anyway if you wanna know more about it, check it out here
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