Chock Full of Beans, Singapore

8:22:00 PM
Ok finally the Singapore post is here! Arrived Singapore pretty late no thanks to the delay by AirAsia. By the time we settled down it was already 3am.

The next day we got up early for this.

A cup of latte to kick start my day, I always think if the latte don't go wrong then the rest of it should be fine.
The latte didn't go wrong.

And to go with a simple toast and eggs with a some juicy shroomss! Nothing to shout about tho, typical English breakfast... more or less. The ambiance is pretty cozy, wanted to sit inside but there isn't much space in there so we decided to sit outside instead. Thank god it wasn't that hot yet.

Us with the run down look, blaming AirAsia for the delay again. Pfft!

If you are around the corner, I think you should pop by here. Where there's a queue, there's good coffee!

4 Changi Village Road Singapore 500004 Changi
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