WeChat 5.1 & Games!

11:30:00 PM
Have you downloaded WeChat already? If you have did you update it to the latest 5.1? Got games wor now under Discover tab. Go see!
Just came back from a WeChat private function and was updated with more insights!
Once you have got the latest version of WeChat, you will find a new Games tab under Discover. There isn't many yet but they are definitely coming out with more very soon. The Gunz Dash is the latest free game and apparently its on the top of the charts. Download now from your AppStore
Like I said, there more coming. If you've tried GunZ Dash, you'll probably know that the quality of the game is isn't bad at all. I'm pretty sure the rest of the games would be up to par.
Oh well enough of my ramblings and meet the pretty faces I've bump into.
Smashpop, Karen, Fish and Chenelle.

Here's a shortcut for you to download the favourite app with over 100 million users worldwide.
Gunz Dash PlayStore
Gunz Dash AppStore

For more do download WeChat and you'll see the rest of the games. At the moment I'm being biased as I damn like Gunz Dash!

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