HK Superstars!

9:18:00 PM
After our heavy breakfast we decided to go Sogo. So we walked...

Came across all sort of Christmas decor around making boxing day feels more warmth then before. I was looking for coffee but too bad there isn't one in Sogo so had to follow the heavy shoppers.. shop.

Had a simple but delicious duck rice at Fu Tung plaza at Tung Chung where all the factory outlet is. Surprisingly the gf and bestie didn't buy anything. Wow! It was all good, I found a pacific coffee and a nice cozy sofa for me to chillllllllll!

After all of that we had a little bit of time to kill before we head to Sai Wan Ho to see the famous HK Superstars. We stopped by Causeway Bay and joined the crowd. We also found a super huge Apple store and went and look around.

The girls never fail to find a Sasa or Bonjour here too and of course do not come out empty handed. Ish.
Emil, Gloria, Helen, Kitty, Wong Lai (haha), Agnes, Simonso, Jessy and Winnie
And we came to this little cozy cafe but it was freaking cold. We were half in and half out so when the cold wind blows 3 bottles of hoegaarden can't save you.

Next, Kim Gary or not..
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