#WeChat Party

11:47:00 PM
Where was I a moment ago? #WeChat party lah!

A brief explanation how I got to know WeChat. It's actually through my partners who visits China often. The local there calls it Weixin. In order for it to reach the worldwide market, they re-branded it and now calls themselves WeChat. As of today there are 300 million users worldwide so if you do not know about the shake function, download it and shake shake!

Ok so the party was held at Neverland, KL and me who hates to get stuck in traffic decided to go a little earlier. Had some nice dimsum at Pavilion with the love, the queen, the darling, the girlfriend :D

Walked over to Neverland at 7pm and the queue was unbelievable. That is why we love bloggers, they are always punctual. ahem.. Also I can't accept the fact that they actually checked Ewin, Bryan and Jessy's IC. Me and pop leh? Wtf!

So this is our new way to connect pose!

Now talking about how #WeChat is so generous with their entertainment and of course giveaways, unlike other chat operators these guys shower us with back to back entertainment and not forgetting free alcohol woohoo!

It's also like a bloggers gathering where I met so many familiar faces that makes this party exclusive for us. Thats Sam, Joanna and Samantha.

So we left with a happy #WeChat doll and the gf looks so beautiful.. ahhhh!

And last but not least WeChat has 2 new ambassadors Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam
Check out their TV Commercial below

Oh well before I get drifted away with love please download the new chat app on your devices. Anything lah you use blackberry, iphone, symbian, or windows ... just download it.

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