Thursday, March 31, 2011

Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Showcase

Last year’s F1 exhibition attracted a few thousands of fans and f1 enthusiast. Many were queuing up for more than 3 hours just to meet the drivers. I’ve seen how exciting it was but you will have to prepare yourselves for another round of an extravaganza Petronas F1 Exhibition 2011!

The most remembered man in Formula F1 history, Michael Shumacher and alongside with Nica Rosberg. The craziest part is, you can meet them in person!

Get the F1 app loaded at their facebook
The main highlights & Prizes
FB contest (Picture yourself as an F1 driver)
Contest Dateline : 5th April 2011

Secondary - Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Showcase concourse level is from 2nd April till 10 April 2011. Schumacher and Nico meet the fan session on the 6th April (time TBC)- daily trivia.

There are F1 Merchandises, F1 Car Display and F1 car simulators for you to feel how is it like driving an actual F1 car. The actual driver uses this before they go for race so you will experience that too!

Anyway check out their F1 Cool Videos Here!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tenshi Cafe, e@Curve

A Japanese joint venture Maid Café that focuses on cosplay, maid and butler’s services rather than the food. Founded by a Malaysian entrepreneur and with the help of Japanese investors, this company not only inherited the pieces from the authentic Maid Café environment in Akihabara Japan, but also adjusted the food to suit the local taste and culture. The company mission is to introduce the unique Japanese culture to the Malaysian public, as well as providing a refreshing mail/butler service for the customers to experience a new way of relaxing. Besides that, the Maid Café is a place for healthy activities such as heart to heart talk and play with our lovely maids and gently butlers that serve you with a real feeling of a Master, or simply, a very close friend.

The interior is great and of course without Eric's great looks how would the ambiance be any better right?

Xiang & Jaclyn

This is the part what i meant by powering up your food. These two maids will teach you how to do it in a cute act and you must follow. Not only powering up, you can also ask them to feed you or take a picture with them. Do take note that they will charge you for this. So if you want to take a picture with them you've got to pay.

I had the Chicken Teriyaki rice (the boss was kind enough to change my normal plain rice to a fried rice)

Now let's get the cost of a meal down, how? Who else other than Hahah Deals.

Facebook | Twitter - With deals so good, you just can’t stop laughing!

Trivia Q: Why the additional H on Hahah? Isnt it Haha?
A: Nope. Cos we want everyone to know that the additional H means laugher from your heart.

Launched: Jan 2011

Why are we better  We're pioneered the Hahah Rewards Multiplier

Step 1: Customers buy a deal at 50% off
Step 2: Once the deal hits a Tier (eg: 30 customers), ALL customers now get an additional Freebie (Eg: Free drink, french fries, dessert etc)
Step 3: As more people buy, EVERYONE gets additional freebies.
Finally, a true group buying concept that benefits everyone that buys the deal and not just the few early birds :)

Details of the deal are as follows:

1* Choice of any Japanese Rice
1* Choice of Kawaii-Bento
1* Tenshi Dessert
2 * Ice & Shaky

Normal Price: RM83
Deal Price: RM38
Discount: 55%
Deal only available during these dates: 29 Mar 2011 – 3 April 2011

Hahah Rewards Multiplier

Tier 1 after a total of 30 transactions: FREE “Spoon Feed – 3 spoons” worth RM3
Tier 2 after a total of 50 transactions: FREE Choice of “Conventional Games” or “Playstation 3” for one round worth RM5

Valid for 4 months from date of issue.
You can purchase multiple vouchers and may use more than 1 voucher per table.
Valid for dine-in only.
E-Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.
E-Vouchers are transferable.
No replacement will be given for expired voucher(s)

"Get the Deal now!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tickle your buds

As cheesy as the title may sound, I fear you will find out the answer to the title above below but before you go there, lets look at balloons.. hot ones.
Putrajaya's 3rd International Hot Air Balloon Festival is back and hotter than ever.
girl pulling pulling the balloon

Too bad we got there a little way too late (930am), therefore the blupblup balloon took off without us knowing. Eh i meant Doraemon :P

Looking at the hot air balloon is really amazing. Kinda reminded me when i was 15 and when first saw the US air craft carrier at port klang. Its just unbelievably amazing.
I like how baldwin describe what this thing is. 

Jessy and simonso

We are hot, really really hot. The temperature i meant.
simonso, jessy, ewin, smashp0p, azrin, xiang, florence, baldwin

The group shot of us, thank you to the girl who took the photo for us. She had to take like 10 shots from all the cameras.

Ahh the teaser for the title. We had nando's after spending an hour plus plus. Getting away from the sun was our first priority :P

The cutest photo ever! Not that the balloons isn't, just that this is cuter. ♡

Oh ya we did this too!

Sunday Post : Melvin the Super Hero

If you have watched Ahmed the dead terrorist before, this is related. Hehe.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Alexandra Wallace views of asians at UCLA

Guys watch this first, then watch the second video. Hahahahaaaa funny as hell!

Now watch this, ching chong ling long. AHhahahahaha!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disneyland’s Flights of Fantasy 2011

It is because of Disney’s 5th Anniversary, Disney have prepared a great parade show for you throughout the whole year of 2011! Please please don’t miss this out because it really took me back to when I was 13 and I loved it!

Please put on your sunglasses because the images that you will see is full of happiness, joyfulness, super duper colorful, bright and it could just pop right out of your screen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :P

Here it comes!

Lead by a harmonious marching band. I’ve never seen such colorful and so synchronize march before.

Look who is rolling in! Mickey right on top followed by Donald, Goofy and Minnie. They were dressed according to theme. Pretty * Pretty.

Find a great spot to sit and I suggest along the street or exactly where I am from this current image position. Please go earlier for better view.

Who wants some hunny?

One of my all times favorites. Guess whose on the white swan?

Ahhhh can faint, Bell from Beauty and The Beast and Cinderella was looking at me!

The king of the Jungle followed by famous line hakuna matata of Timon,Pumbaa and Simba from The Lion King

Point your camera at them and they will smile and show you how happy you could be being there. I felt that.

She’s so cute on the little ladybug.

Guess guess guess whats coming up after this?

It’s lilo and stitch!

See it is not only about Disney’s parade, everybody could be a part of the parade too! These are all the people walking together from the back. I’m hopping in so see ya!

This is us and we have been to Hong Kong Disneyland together!

Whose going there next? Let me know I want to follow!

PS : you can visit Hong Kong Disneyland here!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tenshi Cafe, e@Curve

Just came back from a conceptual place called Tenshi Cafe at e@Curve. This place has one concept which i've never seen before in my entire life. A good experience to experience.

I shall reveal more pretty soon. Just so you know, you can't touch the maids but they can do otherwise. Oh they've got pretty cute food and drinks power up act. Its so so cute. Hang in there :P

popvid #11

This is smashp0p's compilation of his birthday at Frames, and the outing at Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Have fun watching the video because i did! hahahaaaa!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Balloon Fiesta 2011

I was at Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta earlier today!
These were the two who is about to take off, haha! Shall share more more more more images in a couple of days.

Its you and me, and all of the people

Suddenly so wanted to hear this song.

Sunday Post : Happy #p0pday

Happy birthday smashp0p!

Had a great time with the guys at Frames, Sunway Pyramid tonight. Its been a while since we all gone out in a big group without getting sponsor and request for write up. Feels just like the old days.

The guys that was there. There's gonna be a whole lot more fun and exciting picture from them. Do watch out for the video of everything and most importantly how pop got his present. Hehe.

The girls who all got so excited to take photos with pop.. *coughs*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to get to Disneyland Hong Kong

Before my fairytale journey begins, I need to share with you how do I get there first.

Once you have touched down and collected your luggage bag from Hong Kong International Airport, first counter you would be able to see is the train ticket counter. Get yourself an Octopus Card so you can travel around Hong Kong. Its HKD 150 (HKD100 credit + HKD 50 refundable deposit) it is like our touchNgo card.

Once that is done, look at the red dots on the train map, take the airport express and exit at Tsing Yi, jump to the yellow line and stop at Sunny Bay.

The Mickey train will arrive at Sunny Bay and pick you up from here.

The inside experience of Mickey train to Disneyland with Jaclyn and the ever famous Daphkisses

Here we are.. once you get off the train you should see this. Exit through the escalator and your magical fairytale begins..

Wait! If you are staying at Disneyland Hotel, please take a left after exiting the train station. The shuttle bus will take you there. Unlike us, Jaclyn made us walk with our luggage bag.. pfft! (not to mention I had to drag her upsized gigantic luggage bag, why because mine was just tiny and you could dance with it.)

Okay we’ve checked in, So lets go to Disneyland shall we?

This is us and we welcome all of you to Disneyland.

Since you know how to get there already, don’t miss out on the experience with Disney’s 5th Anniversary which involve many great attractions and one of it is the Fantasy Parade.

I’ll show you the colours of the Fantasy Parade on my next coming post. It will take your mind to a whole new fantasy world. Trust me.

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