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A Japanese joint venture Maid Café that focuses on cosplay, maid and butler’s services rather than the food. Founded by a Malaysian entrepreneur and with the help of Japanese investors, this company not only inherited the pieces from the authentic Maid Café environment in Akihabara Japan, but also adjusted the food to suit the local taste and culture. The company mission is to introduce the unique Japanese culture to the Malaysian public, as well as providing a refreshing mail/butler service for the customers to experience a new way of relaxing. Besides that, the Maid Café is a place for healthy activities such as heart to heart talk and play with our lovely maids and gently butlers that serve you with a real feeling of a Master, or simply, a very close friend.

The interior is great and of course without Eric's great looks how would the ambiance be any better right?

Xiang & Jaclyn

This is the part what i meant by powering up your food. These two maids will teach you how to do it in a cute act and you must follow. Not only powering up, you can also ask them to feed you or take a picture with them. Do take note that they will charge you for this. So if you want to take a picture with them you've got to pay.

I had the Chicken Teriyaki rice (the boss was kind enough to change my normal plain rice to a fried rice)

Now let's get the cost of a meal down, how? Who else other than Hahah Deals.

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Trivia Q: Why the additional H on Hahah? Isnt it Haha?
A: Nope. Cos we want everyone to know that the additional H means laugher from your heart.

Launched: Jan 2011

Why are we better  We're pioneered the Hahah Rewards Multiplier

Step 1: Customers buy a deal at 50% off
Step 2: Once the deal hits a Tier (eg: 30 customers), ALL customers now get an additional Freebie (Eg: Free drink, french fries, dessert etc)
Step 3: As more people buy, EVERYONE gets additional freebies.
Finally, a true group buying concept that benefits everyone that buys the deal and not just the few early birds :)

Details of the deal are as follows:

1* Choice of any Japanese Rice
1* Choice of Kawaii-Bento
1* Tenshi Dessert
2 * Ice & Shaky

Normal Price: RM83
Deal Price: RM38
Discount: 55%
Deal only available during these dates: 29 Mar 2011 – 3 April 2011

Hahah Rewards Multiplier

Tier 1 after a total of 30 transactions: FREE “Spoon Feed – 3 spoons” worth RM3
Tier 2 after a total of 50 transactions: FREE Choice of “Conventional Games” or “Playstation 3” for one round worth RM5

Valid for 4 months from date of issue.
You can purchase multiple vouchers and may use more than 1 voucher per table.
Valid for dine-in only.
E-Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.
E-Vouchers are transferable.
No replacement will be given for expired voucher(s)

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