Disneyland’s Flights of Fantasy 2011

10:30:00 PM

It is because of Disney’s 5th Anniversary, Disney have prepared a great parade show for you throughout the whole year of 2011! Please please don’t miss this out because it really took me back to when I was 13 and I loved it!

Please put on your sunglasses because the images that you will see is full of happiness, joyfulness, super duper colorful, bright and it could just pop right out of your screen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :P

Here it comes!

Lead by a harmonious marching band. I’ve never seen such colorful and so synchronize march before.

Look who is rolling in! Mickey right on top followed by Donald, Goofy and Minnie. They were dressed according to theme. Pretty * Pretty.

Find a great spot to sit and I suggest along the street or exactly where I am from this current image position. Please go earlier for better view.

Who wants some hunny?

One of my all times favorites. Guess whose on the white swan?

Ahhhh can faint, Bell from Beauty and The Beast and Cinderella was looking at me!

The king of the Jungle followed by famous line hakuna matata of Timon,Pumbaa and Simba from The Lion King

Point your camera at them and they will smile and show you how happy you could be being there. I felt that.

She’s so cute on the little ladybug.

Guess guess guess whats coming up after this?

It’s lilo and stitch!

See it is not only about Disney’s parade, everybody could be a part of the parade too! These are all the people walking together from the back. I’m hopping in so see ya!

This is us and we have been to Hong Kong Disneyland together!

Whose going there next? Let me know I want to follow!

PS : you can visit Hong Kong Disneyland here!

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