Win Win Win Incubus Tickets 2011

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Guess whose coming to town? And guess whose going? Meeeeeeee!
And you’ll probably go wheeeeennnnn? 23 July 2011 woi!

I guess you can feel how excited I am about this and I am taking this opportunity to share it with you on how you can win passes like how I got mine.

You can win your rockstar or normal tickets through FlyFM or HotFM. If you are privileged enough (ahem rockstar tickets), you will be chauffeured to the venue and enjoy the pre-cocktail party.. eh not forgetting you’ll get to meet the band.. woooow!

Now besides winning tickets, there is an online contest where you and your band can join and if you’ve got the most vote, you’ll get to play the opening act. Crazzzzinesssss! I should get my boys to come back Malaysia and start jamming again!

The “Open 4 Incubus” Contest is divided into 3 phases:
The Entries period – Entries are valid from 13th to 26th June 2011
Shortlisted 10 will be announce on the next day! (27th June 2011)
The Voting Top 10 period from 4th to 10th July 2011
The Voting Top 5 period from 11th to 16th July 2011.

The contest is open to all so go register yourself at and its only 1 registration per band ya!

Next upload your recordings to youtube and share the link to via facebook/tunetalk

- Then wait for tunetalks’ panel of judges to shortlist you. Once selected, you are give a week to produce a music video and of course with the help of Astro hitz!
- That video then will be uploaded on 3rd July 2011 for voting

Voting can be done via 2 methods:

Via Tune Talk Facebook Fan Page

Via SMS(Only open to Tune Talk subscribers)
To vote, SMS ‘Band name’ to 7777.
Each SMS will be charged RM 0.20

¬ Top 5 bands with the most votes will move on to the next stage
¬ These 5 band will require to perform at the Grand Finale ground on 16th July 2011 (Klang Valley)
¬ The final score of the top 5 band will be calculated after the voting periods ends and consisting of 60% of the overall score.
¬ Incubus will do the balance 40%.. wooooooot! And announce the winners on 22nd July 2011

Good luck guys, don’t forget to go Like that page, join the page, view the page, blog about the page… do everything possible to support your friends whose participating!
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