Blackberry Playbook

2:03:00 PM
The blackberry playbook is here, ok lah been here for a while but hey its never too late to say that it existed in my blog eh?

Thanks Simon for inviting and it was a great pleasure to experience it before anybody has.

Who is the famous guy with gadgets and latest happenings? Who else lar right..

Got the gadget on my palms, wahh! Felt like there was a glow for a moment. The blackberry playbook is pretty powerful i must say. Has great multi tasking power but while the PR guy was presenting it crashed a few times. I'm sure blackberry is working on it.

Ermmmmm thats it as for a conclusion the playbook is pretty unique and cool gadget. Works awesomely well with your blackberry (if you have one). Its sexy and so is she.


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