Langham Place, Mongkok

3:47:00 PM
This is my second time at Langham Place. I remember this place so clearly because of its super duper long escalator. I've adopted a new comfortable way to hug a person. Find a long escalator so that you can hold her/him for a long long time. I suggest this escalator. (Even though I didn't manage to try it just yet, but we will someday)

Me and Daphne took a train from Central to Mongkok since Jaclyn has plans with her friends, we decided to see further of Hong Kong. So I said come let me show you a super duper long escalator.

This is where Daphne goes "F**K Wow, damn its long!" (perhaps I think that's what she said, don't really remember) So while waiting for my friends to finish work, we walked around.

I really love the architecture of this building. Its not the typical style where space must be preserved for rental. This building is more like a park itself. Everything inside is like a maze.

They've even got funky display like this cool little scooter or vespa. They even got this machine that tells you about your wealth, love, life and etc. Knowing Daphne, she's a sucker for this kinda stuff.

This is it, the awesome experience inside Langham Place. We had Starbucks while waiting for Agnes and Ponny to come over and take us away for crazy street style of Mongkok for dinner.
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