Getting to Hong Kong City with the girls

9:50:00 PM
We took the little Disney train back to Sunny Bay. This two fella was getting ready for a massive shopping ahead.

Daphne : Jay Chow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's how she reacted, Huhhhhh? Jaclyn didn't really seem to care though, haha! Jay whoooo?
Here we are Sunny Bay Station and waiting for the big big train to bring us to the city.
While waiting for the train, we took some silly photos. There's more but I don't think I want to share that out. Hahahaa.. This is me looking at my lens and Daphne go "Ka-chick"
Train arrived and more picture taking happened. Oh what would I say, we are tourists and we should shoot every single thing we see. Daphne damn drama, posing some TVB drama act..
While doing that, Here's a shot of busy Hong Kong citizens living their everyday life.

We got off at Central Station and the shopping begins... massively.

The two walked so fast until I couldn't catch them. See, no where to be seen. I guess they will probably wait for me somewhere at the exit. I hope.
Well this is what we did on the way to the City. Its the city of Hong Kong tomorrow. Wooohoo!
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