Breakfast at Enchanted Garden

11:28:00 PM

Let's continue -- Daphne woke up super early and she actually got up 2 hours before us because she don't want us to wait for her. How thoughtful of her. +points for you Daph :D

Funny part is, she was ready but me and Jac was still sleeping like pigs. So Daph just walk up and down in the room cause she thought she could wake us up by doing so... Of course she failed and we got up eventually.

Had our breakfast at Enchanted Garden just right below Disneyland Hotel. Look at the buffet line, Jesus! I don't usually eat breakfast but this is ridiculous if I don't.
They've got so many choices and every time I come back for another round, I'll come back with something different.
This is what I had, 1st round.
Jaclyn goes : Wow why you take until so nice wan?
Me : Take picture ma.. macam fine dining.
A must do if you ever come here!

While having our breakfast, the Disney characters will greet you and make sure you have a picture taken with them. Seriously its a must take. Even after you've taken a few shots, they come back again and as you take take once more! *sweat*This is us with Mickey Mouse!
Goofy came right after Mickey..
My second choice

Anyway I didn't eat much, this was all I can do. I had 3 cups of coffee though. If you want to see more food, you should check out Daphne's blog because she ate none stop!
Oh look who came next, Minnie. MINNIE? That is how Jaclyn described the character and tag me and Daphne with that name. Wonder which part of Daisy looks like Minnie? HAhahahah Jaclyn failllllllleeeeeddddd!

The two lovelies.

Then these two decided to get lost at the maze. Knowing how blur these two can be, they successfully got lost. Congratulations! Had to direct them the way out from where I was standing.

We did a little bit of shopping within the Disneyland hotel's souvenir shop. Once that is done, Hong Kong hereeeeeee we comeeeeeeee!

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