Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chinese New Year at Ipoh

The best time to travel is on the first day of Chinese New Year. Never listen to those predicted times from the papers cause everybody travels at the propose time therefore peanut butter JAM! Anyway that's just me...

Arrived to my grand mama's at 1030am.. beautiful weather!

Saw this picture of my cousins and uncles, ha ha... damn!

Finally when the sun was going down, me and my sis went to the town and had Black Canyon Coffee at Jusco Ipoh for dinner

The steak with mushroom sauce was Ok.

Sis had the fried kuey teow, not too bad as well..

So whats next? Coffee or beer?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home made food

Italian Chinese Fusion of Fusilli, bean sprout and fried pork. That is what my mom was up to. Ha ha funny la my mom.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canon Pixma MP198

Wanting to buy a new printer since my old one kapoooted quite long ago...

Walked around pyramid and was introduce by the sales person... quite tempting as the ink refills are dead cheap!

RM349.00 for the entire thing...

Entire meaning the modified ink system with additional ink tank system that cost RM20 for 2 refills.. now thats worth the money.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garden - Lifestyle Store and Cafe

I have always wanted to try Garden at 1Utama for quite a while. It is always too full and the waiting line is always long. So one day I came and the queue was short, we were no. 2

Waited here before we were seated.
Funny thing - the waiter gave me 3 stop signs before he said "Oh yah we've got a seat for you two". Its like, come - wait - come - wait - come!

So after we ordered, what else take lar some gambar!

I was checking my phone, supposedly tweeting.

The mushroom soup came first which was pretty right. It tasted OK, but I think delicious's mushroom soup is still better.

Potato Salad! Boy I can guarantee you this tasted better than anything else. The sauce is really tasty!

I ordered the seafood pasta. The gravy tasted like water with a little tomatoes squeezed in it, Its bad! Should be able to tell from the color and the thickness of the gravy.

Sherleen ordered the green chilly chicken dish. To our disappointment, it wasn't that good after all. Then again I blame ourselves cause if we wanted green chilly we could have just gone to Absolut Thai or something...

My conclusion, I think the food here is either tasteless or its really healthy.

After that watched movie and then say hello to kitty!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ku Hiang Bak Kut Teh

Everybody always asked why do you eat bak kut teh all the time or how many times do you eat bak kut teh in a week?

We were so regular until they moved to a bigger location, I guess we spend quite a lot of money there already.

Hummm, ever wonder if Cruz Events had shares? I don't know...

Anyway a nice hot cup of tea to kill the fats later

The first dish finally arrived, don't know what is this... eat only.

The steam fish, this is a must.

Some vegetable to ease the digestion. The vege always disappears after 5mins...

Steamed chicken that comes with a spicy sauce, something like those chicken rice type..

Pork Legs..

And lastly, Bah Kut Teh!

What is lunch without a big group of colleagues, ehem now we know where all the vegetable went...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tattoo : Phase 2

The time is just about right to get my expansion, it is a good time to start growing bigger and stronger

This dude is Vicky, he is outlining my design and right after he finished using my arm as a drawing board, he said...

Bro, you wanna buy my rottweiler? Gee at 3 months old he weights 25Kgs! He can practically kill Mo instantly!

Anyway after hitting 4 cans of beer(him not me), let the pain begin...

Firstly, we gotta do the outline. This is the most crucial part as it hurts the most especially around the shoulder bones area.. Once that is done, the shading is fine... feels like 3 little red ants biting simultaneously...

These are freshly made...

The wound is still fresh and bleeding... Might want to take good care of it at this point of time..

3 days later the skin starts pealing... and it is itchy. Do not over scratch, you might ruin the colors...

At about a week and a half, the tattoo is finally cured... Some of you might know why and what are the definition of the tattoo, the phase two are roots to support my first tattoo.

Let's pray things get stronger and better this year.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Magic Wok

Got invited by Advertlets for a wonderful get together with a bunch of bloggers at The Magic Wok, Damansara.

Walking thorough the grand entrance..

The whole group of people eating together :- Rames, Justine, Ewin, Rebecca, Jason Goh, SoonWei, Simonso, Michelle, Jason Ong, Josh, Bryan, Ellie and Chris.

This will be my very first yee sang!

Raw Mango Yee Sang - Rm26/36

Stir Fried Lotus root with olive leaves RM18/25

The Claypot Tilapia with white pepper soup RM40/50

Herbal roast duck RM42

Ming Har with dried prawns paste (2 style prawns) RM25/40/60

The Long Pork Ribs RM25/35

Homemade Tofu (bean curd) with slice Abalone RM18/25

Oriental braised beef RM18

The Twin Style Kai Lan RM18/25

The Garlic Roast Chicken RM18 - half/RM35 full bird

Not forgetting the super delicious dessert

Before leaving, all of us grouping around and chatting.

Thank you SoonWei for inviting us to your restaurant.

The Magic Wok Restaurant
32, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel:03-7729 2288/ 012-393 6928
Website :

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